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Joining a virtual telehealth visit

Before your visit & check-in

Prior to your visit, you’ll receive an appointment confirmation email and a reminder message via email or text message, depending on your preferred method of contact on file with the practice (so long as you have previously consented to such messaging with your healthcare provider’s office). These messages will include the details of your visit, and the URL for access to your telehealth session. The initial confirmation email will also include link to a to a preappointment device check, which gives you the option to test and troubleshoot your device settings any time before your appointment On the day of your appointment, the office staff may check you in over the phone prior, at which point, if you’re unable to locate the link, you may request that it be resent. You may also call the office to request your link be re-sent.

In the virtual waiting room

After clicking the link and verifying your connection, you should:

  1. Enter your name, to be displayed when your provider joins the call.
  2. Consent to athenaTelehealth Terms of Use and Informed Patient Consent.
  3. Enter the private virtual waiting room and verify the details of your appointment.
  4. Preview and manage your device settings (test audio and video, mute your microphone, or choose a front- or back-facing camera on mobile). Make sure that your camera and microphone access are not blocked in your browser settings.

Join the TeleHealth visit

As soon as your provider joins the room, the visit will begin automatically. Multiple providers may enter and exit the room throughout the visit, as appropriate. The practice staff should inform you when it’s time to leave the session, or let you know to stay present and wait for another provider to join the session. When the visit is over and you leave the athenaTelehealth session, a “Thank you!” message will appear and inform you that you may close the window.

Browser requirements

The Athena Telehealth experience works on desktop and mobile, but only via web browser. You don’t need to download an application to your device. Browser requirements include:

  1. Google Chrome (latest three versions), for macOS and Windows
  2. Microsoft Edge (chromium-based, version 79 and later), for Windows
  3. Safari (version 12+) on macOS
  4. Firefox (latest three versions), for macOS and Windows
  1. Google Chrome on android (latest three versions)
  2. Safari on iOS 12+ (This feature doesn’t support other browsers such as Chrome on iOS)

Telemedicine FAQs

Telemedicine refers to the practice of health care providers caring for patients remotely when the provider and patient are not physically present with each other.

Telemedicine may be used to treat a variety of conditions, such as infections, rashes, migraines, review lab results, counseling, education on conditions, mental health counseling, diagnostic imaging results, & post-operative follow-up visits.

To schedule an appointment, please contact our office.

Most participating insurances are allowing telemedicine visits due to COVID-19. For specific details on your insurance, please contact your insurance.

For the safety of our patients and staff we have limited office visits. Please contact our office if you feel you need a face-to-face appointment with your provider

To utilize Telemedicine, you will need a cellphone, tablet or computer with a camera, audio and microphone. You will also need an Internet connection. Our office will send you a link to connect with your provider. We recommend using a private and quiet area.

No. We will send you a link to connect with your provider.

We will send you information to help you navigate the system and answer any questions. The information is also available via our website.

No, you don’t need to log into the Patient Portal or download any kind of application to join the visit. The URL will come directly to your preferred contact method (email or text, so long as you have previously consented to such messaging with your healthcare provider’s office) and can be accessed via web browser (desktop or mobile).

In the confirmation message that contains details about your appointment, you will also be provided a link to a pre-appointment device check, which will allow you to test your device settings and troubleshoot audio or video issues. This link will not be available in any reminder messages.

The provider will join the call as soon as they’re able, but the virtual waiting room will expire after 30 minutes. Upon entering, you’ll read a message stating that the call will begin when their provider or a practice staff member joins the call.

Yes, up to four total users can participate in the call simultaneously, including users from both the patient and the provider side. If you require an additional participant be present during the visit, such as a caretaker, the link to the visit can be forwarded or shared with another user.

If you become accidentally disconnected in the middle of the visit, you can access the visit again using the same URL you were initially provided.

athenaTelehealth has the capability to be used as an audio-only call, but you should first check with practice staff about using only audio.